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Panam Rebranding
Plan Website


Website Purpose

Panam was the world's largest international airline carrier from 1927-1921. Now, Panam has rebranded as a visual and business system for cultural exchange, and the website is built as a medium which displays the rebranding guide to the audience. The site includes: “The History”, “The New Fundamental”, “New Looking”, “The New Areas”, and “Projects”. Audiences can understand the entire rebranding process, the brand’s new business structure, and get a feel for the new visual system. The new emphasizes helping people discover new cultures around the world and makes their life more vibrant and colorful.


The emotion of the New Panam

The moodboard helps people understand the new Panam’s personality in a visually descriptive way, similar to the way we connect with other people in our lives.


Inside the Spectrum

This infographic displays the different persona of the new Panam. Each of the five circles attract different levels of attention as they vary in size and position within the spectrum. The five orange circles represent the personas of the spectrum.


Outside the Spectrum

These two personas are at the outsitde of the spectrum, beacause they are the lowest level of attention on this brand.

Clark Smith

Sales Director of a Trading Company

Clark is a businessman that works in a trading company, and his title is sales director. He only sleeps four hours every day, and he works hard every time. He got married three years ago, but he still didn't go to any other country with his wife, so his largest dream is to explore a new area and culture with his wife.

His wife's favorite magazine is National Geographic, becasue she likes to explore new culture and new area.

He likes to watch Discovery, becasue he can study many di erent new knowledges from it.

He has been to many other countries with his father, becasue his father was a English teacher.

He need to work on weekend, becasue he have too many works need to finish.

He is trying to earn more money for his family, becasue he plan to have a baby with his wife.

He chose to live in San Francisco with his wife, becasue it's a multicultural city.

He has lots of friends who come from di erent countries, becasue he likes to explore di erent culture.

Color Choice

The New Panam Color Palette

The brand’s color palette delivers emotion, energy, and definition to the audience. These vibrant colors highlight the brand in the market, and leads the audience to remember it more easily.


Structure & Wireframe

A logical structure can help users find the right direction in a straightforward way while making the experience friendlier.


Interface Design

This website is a well-structured medium to send the information to the audience. The interface design is based on research, which uncovered its purpose, moodboard, personas, colors, structure, and wireframes. Therefore, the users have a consistently user-friendly, functional website providing a clear way to understand the information in this new rebranding guide.